Moving Out

April 3, 2008

Moving to blogger:

See you there!


Mailing List Is On Its Way

April 3, 2008

Clownfish Maven2 Plugin user mailing list is coming soon…

Missing Docos, Sleepless Nights

April 3, 2008

I’ve just realised that I missed out the documentation on changing configuration from a pom file.
















Project site’s documentation will be updated shortly…

SVN Trunk File Locking Issue

April 3, 2008

There was an SVN file locking issue occurred during RELEASE_20080331 trunk and it’s now resolved.

Apologies for any inconvenience…

Tasks After Initial Release

April 2, 2008

After the release of Clownfish 0.1-SNAPSHOT stable binary release, there are three things came to my mind that I need to look at:

  • Store binary release, for obviously reasons, into public Maven repository (e.g.
  • Support exploded EAR/WAR deployment
  • Refactor undocumented List method to show a list of deployed applications

These will help keep me busy for a couple of weeks…

I Need Your Feedback

March 31, 2008

To those who downloaded and tried Clownfish plugin, drop me an email on your thoughts and comments about this initial release, problems you came across, any documentation inconsistencies and etc. at lyeung-at-users-dot-sourceforge-dot-net.

Your feedback is highly needed!

Stable 0.1-SNAPSHOT Released!

March 30, 2008

Just released Clownfish Maven2 Plugin (release 20080331) binary and source files moments ago. You can find them at:

Installation and usage instructions are included in readme.txt in both source and binary distribution.